Every aspect of the ranch is geared to building young man of integrity. Men that are emotionally whole and morally complete. Like a giant jig saw puzzle, each activity from ranch work to recreational play is structured to help the young man uncover his potential, understand the consequences his choices (past and future), and discover his desire to become, and give him the tools to achieve the man of integrity.





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Building men of integrity, it's the Arivaca Way


It is our mission to help young men discover their greatness and potential, develop the tools to cope with life challenges, to learn to set and achieve goals, and to build productive relationships with family and peers.


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Our Philosophy

Arbinger is a powerful relationship- building philosophy used by families, schools, Fortune 500 Companies, etc, to transform one's life from a place of anger, blame, unaccountably, and personal unhappiness to one of peace, free from guilt, finding happiness in fulfilling relationships with others. Arbinger is about taking accountability for one's own journey in life and teaches us how to work through relationship challenges in a healthy and productive way.

Our Structure

Every aspect of the ranch is geared toward building a young man of integrity. Men that are emotionally whole and morally complete. Like a giant jig-saw puzzle, each activity from ranch work to recreational play is structured to help the young man uncover his potential, understand the consequences his choices (past and future), and give him the tools to become a man of integrity.

Our Approach

Our program is based around the working relationship each boy has with his horse. Each boy is assigned his own horse to work with, care for, and form a meaningful relationship of trust with. Through the successful implementation of Arbinger principles and our unique equine therapy program, we witness a lasting change in our clients' abilities to relate to and work with their horse which translates to peers, parents and people around them. 


What Makes Us Different


Group Therapy with licensed therapists - 4 Times a week


Process Groups 2 times a week


Individual Therapy- Minimum once a week with licensed therapist

Family Therapy - Weekly

Equine Therapy - 90 minutes a day - 5 days a week

What We Treat

Reactive Attachment





Substance Abuse


Lack of Motivation

Conduct Disorders

Behavioral Issues



Arbinger Instruction - Once a week

Morals and Values Class Once a week

Cowboy Church - Optional

Parent Arbinger Instruction

Parents of Arivaca Boys Ranch

To all the staff at Arivaca,

Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend. I enjoyed myself tremendously and felt very happy to be there. I am sure it is not an easy task to have planned, prepared and carried out the whole event. My sincere gratitude goes to every person who made it possible.

Seeing Ian on this visit was like meeting a new person. His smile was the one I remember from when he was a little boy and had a true love of life. To watch Ian connect with the horses and really have a feeling of accomplishment was thrilling.

Hearing so many of the staff share with us that they genuinely love and care for our son was so comforting and awesome. I could tell it was true because Ian really loves all the staff out there too.

Thank you for showing us, as parents, how to be different with Ian when he returns. The time and effort you put into teaching us how to change our old behaviors with Ian, is what I believe will make it possible for Ian to continue to blossom after he returns home from Arivaca. What you have shown us has not only helped with our relationship with our son, it has changed the way we are in all our relationships.

Thank you again,


Cathy McLellan

If you have a troubled boys, this is the place to send him. The most incredible program I have ever seen! Total transformation changing boys into young men of integrity.

Kris Gruben

This is a wonderful program for troubled boys! The benefits are many and the spiritual environment enriching. I know Ron and his staff grow close to each young man who arrives at the ranch. If you need real help, this is the place to go. I highly recommend Arivaca Boys Ranch.

Steve B

We sent our son to the ranch hoping for a miracle, and guess what we received one. even though we had some struggles when he first returned home we are proud to say he is now 19 years old and runs his own business. We give give thanks to Ron and the staff for the hard work and dedication they put forth for our son, and other kids that were in need. I also thank my son as well because he accepted the changes that needed to be made in order to be successful in life.. Thank you Arivaca for everything, you truly are gift sent from above..

Dee C.

This is a GREAT program that really helped our son-- actually, our whole family-- at a time when we needed it most. The program doesn't change your son, it gives you back your son. It lets him be the great person he was (is!) in spite of recent troubles, be they (as in our case) drugs and behavioral issues, or many other problems. This is not a place where you just "park" your child for a year and forget about him; no, this is a place that works with the whole family to change the dynamics, which changes the relationships, which changes the family. I was a little unsure of the equine therapy part initially (this whole thing was new to me), but they know what they're doing and it works. If you're looking at these sorts of places, odds are you're in a dark place. You have my sympathy, as I've been there. I can't promise that Arivaca is right for you (because I don't know what's going on with you and your son), but I can say you should check it out, because it's a great program. My family is living proof! Can't say enough good things, thanks to all!



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