As a recognized essential service, Arivaca Boys Ranch is still accepting admissions. We have adapted policy to ensure the continued safety of our staff and clients through the COVID-19 pandemic and are following guidelines established by the CDC and Arizona State Health Department.


Get Your Good

Son Back.

"We sent our son to Arivaca hoping for a miracle,

and we received one" - Satisfied Parent

Our Program

We are a fully licensed and accredited residential treatment facility and therapeutic boarding school for teenage boys aged 13-17. We specialize in the treatment of a range of mental and behavioral health challenges including:

  • Reactive Attachment

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Anxiety & Stress Disorders

  • Depression

  • Conduct Disorders

  • General Rebellion

  • Lack of Motivation

Your son will have a highly specialized team of mental and behavioral health professionals oversee his healing journey with us. Every aspect of the ranch is geared toward building a young man of integrity. Men that are emotionally whole and morally complete. 


Our therapeutic approach is thorough and professional. All of our therapists are masters-level professionals, who operate under the supervision of a fully-licensed Therapist. Your son will have a highly specialized team of mental and behavioral health professionals oversee his healing journey with us.

Individual Therapy

Each boy is assigned a masters-level therapist. He receives one-on-one therapy once a week, our therapists guide your son and the rest of the therapeutic team to ensure he has the a holistic healing journey with us that are suited to his unique needs.

Equine Therapy

Each client is assigned a horse to take care of and build a relationship with for the duration of his stay with us. Our immersive approach to equine therapy is among the most thorough in the United States. Our residents participate in at least 90 minutes of  Equine Therapy,  5 times a week. Our rigorous equine therapy program is tailored based on the most current research into Equine-Assisted Therapies. 

Psychiatric Care

For boys who need psychiatric care, we facilitate monthly visits at our facility from a highly experienced psychiatrist who specializes in adolescent care. Medication management is not an essential part of every boy's journey here, but where it is necessary, our psychiatrist, RN, and med team are committed to ensuring medication plans that are best suited to the needs of each boy.

Family Therapy

Family relationships are an essential part of the healing journey, our therapists facilitate weekly family therapy sessions over the phone once a boy is therapeutically ready. We prioritize the strengthening of families and building strong relationships of mutual support and respect between our boys and their primary caregivers.



Contact us now to find out how we can help you get your son back.

Built to Heal Families

The program doesn't change your son, it gives you back your son. It lets him be the great person he was (is!) in spite of recent troubles, be they drugs,  behavioral issues, or any other problems. This is not a place where you just "park" your child for a year and forget about him; no, this is a place that works with the whole family to change the dynamics, which changes the relationships, which changes the family. I was a little unsure of the equine therapy part initially, but they know what they're doing and it works."


Parent of a Former Resident

Cultivating Self-regulation

This is the most self-regulated group of boys I have ever seen, not just in a therapeutic environment, but in any other place that boys congregate.… I have never seen teenage boys – even teenage boys who were not previously severely oppositional – develop such intense loyalty and frankly affection for the adults to whom they are responsible... I have never seen better peer-based self-regulation."

Tom Cook

Special Education Consultant

Life Changing

Being at Arivaca Ranch has been a GREAT experience. I have learned how to handle my emotions. My parents and I have built a great relationship and I know it would not have been possible unless I would have come here. I have met some true friends here and I know they are true friendships... I have learned to think of others before myself. I know I am capable of being much more than a thug- stealing and smoking weed. I am going to be somebody. I am comfortable with myself."


Former Resident


Location: 38000 S Arivaca Ranch Rd, Arivaca, AZ, 85601

Mail: P. O. Box 547, Arivaca, Arizona, 85601

Phone: (877) 886-9766


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