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Discipline and rewards systems are often ineffective at promoting lasting changes in behavior, many parents with children who experience behavioral challenges will recognize this to be true from their own experience, and there is a lot of research to back this up.


Rather than placing emphasis on discipline and rewards system, our program teaches young men the natural rewards of choosing to pursue productive and useful activities, as opposed to the natural consequences of wasting time, being lazy or reckless, and procrastinating. Young men who graduate our program have come to learn the valuable lesson that hard work, respect, and integrity is its own reward.

One of the ways that we implement these philosophies into our program is the way we effectively incorporate Arbinger relationship philosophies into our ranch community. Arbinger offers concrete ways for our boys to work through what can often be abstract relationship challenges. It facilitates a change in the way we see the world and helps boys take accountability for their role in life and relationship conflicts. 

Our founder Ron Searle, is a certified Arbinger instructor and long time advocate of the healing power of equine therapy and natural horsemanship. He developed the Arivaca Boys Ranch program after working with teenagers and young adults for over 30 years. He explains that "we have developed a program that builds on positive experiences while the young men learn to see themselves as they really are, and visualize themselves as they might become,” Searle says. “We believe change comes from the inside, and is not externally motivated.”


Location: 38000 S Arivaca Ranch Rd, Arivaca, AZ, 85601

Mail: P. O. Box 547, Arivaca, Arizona, 85601

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Email: admissions@arivacaboysranch.com

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