Adriana Romero
Adriana Romero, MSP, DBH, CTP



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Adriana has been working with young men at Arivaca Boys Ranch since early 2017. She has worked in social services for more than 20 years and is a seasoned therapist. Adriana has experience working with the RHBA, probation, child protective services, counseling, and education. She earned her doctorate in Behavioural Health from ASU in 2018 and taught on the faculty at Pima Community College.

Adriana has been recognized for her charity work in Douglas, AZ, and Nogales, AZ. In 2011 she started a non-profit organization called Making Connections 4U/Cochise Connections. Adriana also owns a community magazine in Santa Cruz County called Border Eco. She believes in the mission of Arivaca Ranch and finds it rewarding to see the young men she works with grow into young men of integrity as they work through the program.