Celebrate the Holidays in the Spirit of Giving


All donations are welcome, helpful and received with the upmost gratitude. For our friends who wish to contribute a significant amount we are offering the following gifts.


Dear Friend of Arivaca Boys Ranch,

This Christmas time, we have two boys who need sponsorship to finish the program. We always try and make accommodations for families who fall on hard times (as many have this year), but the thorough and intensive nature of our program makes it expensive to run. We lower costs as much as we can, but we are in a situation also where we need to reach out to our greater community for support. We are incredibly grateful to those of you who have supported us in the past.

There are two specific situations I would like to help, but cannot. Let me be more specific: I have two boys enrolled, nearing the end of their treatment. Both are great young men, but each has had a particularly difficult past. They are both adopted from foreign orphanages, where they were abused and neglected. In their treatment, they have turned the corner (as we say it) and are on a path that is now taking them in the right direction. Both have been diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) because of the seriousness of their traumatic histories. Boys with this diagnosis sometimes take a little more time to find the miracle that we want all our boys to find here. With these two boys (one turning 18, and the other just 15) the parents are afraid to take them back. Literally, they are now turning their backs on these boys, who have caused them to spend every cent they have on treatments (started way before they found us) and are now abandoning these boys back to the system.

In the case of the younger boy, Dad has thrown in the towel and says, “...no more money.” Mom has not given up hope and is working with us to try to find some future placement for this boy. If you met this young man, .. you would be impressed and wonder what the problem is. He is a little socially awkward but has made significant progress in this area living with peers. It is truly a sad situation. We have carried him financially for the last several months, but we are still looking at 5-6 additional months of treatment. That is around $30K at cost. 

The older boy is planning on checking himself out on his 18th birthday. As well as he is doing right now, I fear for his future without parental support. His parents have not visited or seen him in 18 months. They paid for his treatment until 4 months ago. Up to that time, he did not look like he was making much progress. Yet— it is common for a boy with deep issues (RAD), to take a longer time to finally “get it.” In the last 3 months, he has advanced and is only a month away from graduating. On top of his parents being “tapped out,” Mom was just diagnosed in the late stages of cancer. Their hand full (they are in their 70’s), they feel they have done all they can for this boy… he is now on his own. We have thus carried him financially for the last 4 months. We hope to help him find a job and a place to live in Tucson. His parents live out-of-state. Again, this is a sad story. 

Well, let me get to the point. Both of these situations have made our financial situation difficult; we have all made many sacrifices, and we are looking for help. Unfortunately, we cannot continue to carry these boys financially. So I turn to our friends to ask for any donations that can go toward helping to support these young men. Now, I have approached many of you for help before and have been very appreciative of your generous response. This time I would like to offer some gifts in exchange for your generosity. 

Many of you know that for 30 years before my involvement in this program, I owned a Diamond Brokerage and Jewelry business. I have been holding on to a 2.09 ct Asscher Cut Diamond for the last 12 years, waiting for a rainy day. Well, I think it is raining! This beautiful diamond has a GIA certificate. (I believe it is actually a better diamond than the certificate indicates.) But, if I determine the value from the certificate, it would retail for anywhere between $25K - $30K. The friend that donates (above my minimum) towards the treatment and care of these two boys will receive this diamond. It is set in a simple 14kt gold ring right now. This is how serious I am about helping these boys. I would like to set the minimum donation at $20K. I will take the offer at minimum (or higher) and give them this diamond, hoping someone is generous. However, I would be happy to get $20K.

Now, if that is just out of range (as I'm sure it is for most of us), I am hoping some of you will find it in your heart to give whatever you can to help these young men. 

The goal is to raise $40K on their behalf before the end of the month. Thank you for your consideration in helping us to finish the treatment of these incredible young men.



you will receive an
Arivaca Ranch Official T-Shirt
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Valued between $20-30k this 2.09 ct. Diamond will go to the highest donor who is willing to contribute more than $20k. It comes with a GIA certificate.

We express our deepest thanks and appreciation for all members of our Arivaca Ranch Community. We know it has been a difficult year financially for some, if you are not in a position to donate,

please consider sharing this opportunity with others. Spreading the word helps a ton.


You can donate via PayPal by hitting any of our yellow "donate" buttons,

or by calling our Director of Administration, Jessica Potrie on +1(520)345-7293.