Programs for Troubled Teens

Programs for Troubled Youth
for Louisiana

Arivaca Boys Ranch is considered one of the leading Programs for Troubled Teens for Louisiana. We are the preferred licensed residential treatment program for teenage boys ages 13-17.

Programs for Troubled Youth for Louisiana

Arivaca Boys Ranch is considered one of the leading Programs for Troubled Teens for Louisiana. We are the preferred licensed residential treatment program for teen boys ages 13–17. Arivaca specializes in a range of treatment modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), treatment for teens with depression, and evidenced-based psychiatric treatment.

You're at the end of your rope. You want to counsel your son, but you don't know what to do anymore. How can you help your adolescent boy grow into the man you know he could be? Is it too late? Your son struggles enough that you are looking into programs for troubled youth for Louisiana.

Perhaps he is dealing with:

  • academic failure
  • general anxiety
  • depression
  • behavioral issues
  • anger issues
  • substance addiction
  • sex addiction
  • trouble with the law

No matter what his troubles, you know guiding him is beyond you. He needs some real, solid, professional intervention. That's why you are considering programs for troubled youth for Louisiana. The goal is to help him settle his current challenges, learn to face his future successfully, and build a more positive relationship with you.

Troubled Teen Programs for Louisiana

At Arivaca Boys Ranch, we help your son with a complete program, a culture – a "Way of Being" to assist him successfully into manhood. He works with life lessons and esteem–building experiences to approach issues using positive coping strategies. He learns to deal with adversity, emotional struggles, frustration and even failure as part of the challenges in life – long–term behavior change.

"Threats and bribes can buy a short–term behavior change, but they can never help kids develop a commitment to positive values... To help kids engage in such reflection, we have to work with them rather than doing things to them.

We have to bring them in on the process of making decisions about their learning and their lives... Children learn to make good choices by having the chance to choose, not by following directions."

~ Alfie Kohn, Human Behavior and Childhood Development Scholar

Troubled teen programs for Louisiana rely on a combination of approaches to manage behavior and symptoms for long–term change. Arivaca Boys Ranch uses a unique equine therapy approach to counsel each of our struggling teenage clients take the steps they need toward making better choices.

troubled teen programs for Louisiana

This combination approach is beneficial for:

Reducing AnxietyContact with horses helps reduce anxiety and distress.

Developing TrustThe first thing one of our teen clients learns as he starts working with a horse is trust. He starts trusting the horse, his abilities, and his therapist. Developing increased trust is a crucial step to rehabilitating essential relationships.

Increasing MindfulnessHorses are always present, living in the now, not worrying about the past or future. Communication with a horse means the handler must also be present, centered, and focused. Horses mirror emotions, so working with a horse gives immediate feedback.

Improving Depressive SymptomsDepression can be isolating. Horses accept people unconditionally. This loyalty helps any troubled teenager feel a sense of connection, which can encourage connection with people, too.

Enhancing Communication SkillsStruggling teenagers develop intuition and patience as they learn to communicate with a horse. They learn its language. It becomes necessary for our teenage clients to turn inward and come to terms with their emotional state before effectively working with the horse.

Boosting Self–AcceptanceMany new arrivals are self–conscious about their lack of knowledge and experience with horses. They hesitate because they fear embarrassment. As they work through this, they learn how making progress is a journey.

Building Greater Self–ControlCommunication with a horse requires calm and patience. Any of our resident clients struggling with impulsivity or lacking self–control learn emotional awareness, cooperation, self–control, and emotional and behavioral regulation working with horses.

These underlying issues can create issues for boys as they navigate through their teen years. Many cope with challenges like drug addiction, depression, anger issues, academic failure, and even trouble with the law. When it is time to give yourself your life back and offer your son his future, our troubled teen program for Louisiana can help.

Equine Therapy and Natural Horsemanship


Equine Therapy has recently become accepted as a powerful therapeutic tool, but animals helping humans heal is not new. Florence Nightingale noted in the late 1800s that her patients were less anxious and healed more quickly when animals were around. The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH International) defines all horse–person interactions as having therapeutic value.

The equine therapy program at Arivaca Boys Ranch has specific, structured goals. The Arivaca Boys Ranch Therapy Program founder, Ron Searle, is a certified Arbinger instructor and advocate of equine therapy and natural horsemanship.

Equine therapy and natural horsemanship are more than riding horses and caring for a living creature. The at risk teens learn to calm the horses, get them to pay attention, and respond. A young man discovers how to get his horse to willingly follow – a lesson in free will and choices.

The 4 Elements of the Arivaca Therapy Program

This unique behavioral therapy program teaches young men to build relationships using horses. This process facilitates foundational opportunities for growth and self–discovery to build a man of integrity. At Arivaca Boys Ranch, young men participate daily in activities that combine to create a successful treatment plan.

Individual counseling with a licensed, trained therapist, trained to make the connection between real–life principles and the principles learned in the Equine program.

Weekly Group Therapy led by a licensed practitioner to develop communication skills, cooperation, relationships, empathy, understanding, anger management skills, etc.

Self–reflection each evening to review the day's events with a program administrator, write in a journal, and resolve any conflicts within the group.

Equine Program based on a working relationship between a young man and his horse. Each young man is assigned a horse to care for, build a relationship and work with. The Arivaca Boys Ranch program can help your son uncover the natural rewards of being responsible and productive.