Programs for Troubled Teens

Troubled Youth Programs
for Sioux City, IA

Arivaca Boys Ranch is considered one of the superior Programs for Troubled Teens for Sioux City, IA. We are the preferred long term residential treatment facility for teenage boys ages 13-17.

Troubled Youth Programs for Sioux City, IA

Arivaca Boys Ranch is considered one of the superior Programs for Troubled Teens for Sioux City, IA. We are the preferred long term residential treatment facility for adolescent boys ages 13–17. Arivaca specializes in a range of treatment modalities, including substance abuse counseling, Recreational Therapy (RT), and treatment for attachment disorder.

He got in with the wrong crowd. You've seen it coming for quite some time. But now you wonder if it is too late for your son. Is it possible that troubled youth programs for Sioux City, IA could have answers for your boy?

You've heard of youth whose lives turned around, and they ended up being upstanding men. But nobody seems to have an absolute answer for what you can do to make a difference. So far, all you know is that crying and worrying don't help. What can you do?

So, now you're looking for troubled youth programs for Sioux City, IA, wondering if you'll find any answers. You want your son to have a good life, but things are not going well right now. If your son is dealing with anything on this list, you've come to the right place.

  • drug abuse
  • substance abuse
  • gaming addiction
  • reactive attachment disorder
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • oppositional defiant disorder
  • rebelliousness

With any of these troubles, helping him is something you can't do. You've tried. You've tried everything. But now, he needs some specific intervention. He needs big help. Something that can take him from where he is and help turn his life around. The aim is to offer him the tools to solve his current stumbling blocks, build a successful future, and reestablish a positive relationship with you.

Programs for Troubled Youth for Sioux City, IA

You've probably tried many approaches already. Perhaps, even professional services that gave your son some short–term improvements. But the problems are back, even worse this time. Is it possible to make a difference for your son that can take him throughout his life? Do programs for troubled youth for Sioux City, IA work long–term to really guide him?

"Threats and bribes can buy a short–term behavior change, but they can never help kids develop a commitment to positive values..."

~ Alfie Kohn, Human Behavior and Childhood Development Scholar

Arivaca Boys Ranch provides a complete program to help your son into manhood, a culture – a "Way of Being." Life lessons and confidence–building situations give him the skills to approach stumbling blocks with healthy coping strategies.

He develops skills to deal with adversity, frustration, and other emotional struggles. He learns how to cope with failure and turn things around as a natural part of life's problems. He redefines his core abilities for long–term attitude and behavior change. In this way, the Arivaca Boys Ranch programs for troubled youth for Sioux City, IA help your son build a positive foundation for his future.

At Risk Youth Programs for Sioux City, IA

programs for troubled youth Sioux City, IA

At risk youth programs for Sioux City, IA are designed for long–term change. Arivaca Boys Ranch focuses on helping your son take the steps toward making good life choices.

This approach is beneficial for:

  • Developing trust
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Improving depressive symptoms
  • Increasing mindfulness
  • Building greater self–control
  • Enhancing communication skills
  • Boosting self–acceptance

These problems create stumbling blocks for boys as they navigate through the teenager years, many times leading to:

  • substance abuse
  • device/phone addiction
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • rebelliousness
  • and, depression

Give your son a positive future. He deserves the best. As the Arivaca Boys Ranch Therapy Program founder, Ron Searle, says,

"Through exercises in natural horsemanship, our adolescent clients learn to communicate on the level of the horse while developing a trusting relationship in which you can lead the horse without force or coercion. Through this process, our teenage clients learn more about themselves and their personal relationships with others."

~ Ron Searle, Founder, Arivaca Boys Ranch

Your son deserves the opportunity to turn his life around and for you to be proud of how he lives his life. A good man. A man of integrity.

How the Arivaca Therapy Program is Different

 in Sioux City, IA

You need something different. You need to see long–term results from programs for troubled youth. Your son is at a critical point in his life, and you want to be sure he has the tools to become a man. A good man. And he has to want to be a good man – for the rest of his life.

He needs a program for troubled youth that effectively facilitates foundational growth opportunities and self–discovery so that he grows up to become a man of integrity. And he has the desire to be a man of integrity – every day, for the rest of his life.

The Four Activities

Imagine a unique behavioral therapy program that teaches emotionally challenged adolescents using horses. The young men participate daily in four types of activities. These activities combine to create a successful behavioral therapy treatment plan.

Equine Program: Your son is assigned his own horse to care for, build a relationship and work with. This relationship with his horse is the core of the entire behavioral therapy treatment plan.

One–to–One Counseling: With a licensed clinician trained to make the connection between day–to–day life principles, lifestyle choices, and what he learned in the Equine program.

Group Therapy: Every week is led by a licensed mental health counselor. Our teen residents work in the group to develop greater communication skills, cooperation, empathy, relationships, understanding, and anger management.

Trail Time: Is a time of Self–reflection in the evening to review each day's events. The young men write in a journal and discuss their experiences of the day with a resident specialist.

These four elements of the Arivaca Boys Ranch program build positive attitudes, confidence, and life skills these young men need to build a successful future. The program can help your son discover the natural rewards that responsibility and productivity bring.

With Equine Therapy and Natural Horsemanship

You've probably heard of Equine Therapy. Horses act as a powerful therapeutic tool. In fact, the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH International) says that every interaction a person has with a horse has therapeutic value.

But your son needs more than a horseback ride to help him shake off the negativity of the past and move toward a positive future. In the equine therapy program at Arivaca Boys Ranch, professionals develop structured goals specifically tailored to your son's needs.

Your son learns to draw the attention of, calm, and create a response in his horse. Your young man discovers what he needs to do to get a horse to follow – a life lesson in free will and choice.