A Revolutionary Approach to HELP YOUR TEENAGE SON

We have over a decade of proven results in helping teenage boys who experience

behavioral challenges.

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Many other equine therapy programs offer experiences similar to petting zoos and pony rides. Each boy in our program is assigned his own horse to form a relationship with, to train and to care for.


We are the only program that offers this unique

and lasting therapeutic approach.

The process of forming a relationship of trust with an animal opens the door for kids to learn open communication, trust and accept healthy relationships into their lives. We facilitate self-discovery and character building experiences unlike any other.

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"Arivica will give your family the tools to be a family again. The friendships my Son made and the relationship we have now between us is unbelievable. The skills my Son learned through Equine therapy are amazing. Arivaca is a wonderful place that will have a lasting change on your son and family.... this is an unbelievable experience for all with truly great results!"


"My son graduated Arivaca as a changed young man with skills to carry him though all of life’s challenges. For parents out there considering Arivaca Boys Ranch I cannot recommend it enough. The transformation I saw is beyond words. The boy that was dropped off was unmotivated, unwilling and lost. The young man I took home is confident, motivated and strong."




 These horses spoke to my son, this program worked for this headstrong kid because he wasn't forced to do or say anything he didn't want to. Arivaca is an ingenious program that works with these defiant boys so that they want to participate, want to work hard and want to become men of integrity. Our son learned life long coping skills used to this day... I truly have to pinch myself - to make sure I'm not dreaming!